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Your Small-Town 21st Century Library

Just across the street from Town Hall, the New Durham Public Library is a small library that thinks big.  With over 11,000 items in collection, we aim to have something for everyone.  From audiobooks to ebooks, from Danielle Steel to Dante-- we're small, yes, but we cover a lot of ground.  

Search our catalog and see what you can find!  Or visit our downloadable books and pick up a free novel or two for your nook, iPad or Kindle.


{vsig_c}0|pic01.jpg|The New Durham Public Library|This pen and ink drawing of the library was made by long-time resident and artist extraordinaire, Galen Gavel.{/vsig_c} 

{vsig_c}0|pic02.jpg|Edible Book Fair|Every year in November, townsfolk cook up edible versions of their favorite books for a friendly expo and competition.  This entry by Loren Smith-- "Fear and Loathing in Las Veggies" sets a high bar, but there are plenty of entries from kids (and less skilled chefs) as well.{/vsig_c}  

{vsig_c}0|pic03.jpg|Poetry Night|Every April we celebrate National Poetry Month in style.  Area beatniks mob the library for our Annual Poetry Night, an event with a live jam band, piles and piles of verse, and way more coffee than a town of 2200 folks should have access to.  {/vsig_c} 

{vsig_c}0|pic04.jpg|Summer Reading Program|We do a pretty epic Summer Reading Program.  And never let it be said that our librarians are above wearing silly costumes.{/vsig_c}  

Stop by and make use of our public use computer stations, wi-fi access for laptops, faxing, copying, or grab discounts to some local New Hampshire museums.   Or curl up in a quiet nook and find something good to read.  

In the meantime, prowl around our website and see if you can't find an event you're interested in.   If there's not, let us know what you'd like to see!


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